Google denounces spyware that hacks smartphones, Apple also concerned

Google engineers explain that the victims, users of Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan, received a link to install malicious applications, which then make it possible to spy on their activity on their mobile or to extract documents. In some cases, they pretend to be messengers, like WhatsApp.

Apple also concerned

According to Google, the software used is that of RCS Lab, an Italian company that “provides advanced technological solutions to security services for communication surveillance”, according to its website. The California-based group says it warned users of infected Android devices and “made changes” to protect all users.

Apple, for its part, indicated that it had also taken measures against hackers. In September, the company had to urgently repair a computer flaw that Pegasus, the spyware from the Israeli company NSO, was able to infect the brand’s iPhones.

Other potential threats

Google engineers, who track more than 30 companies in the industry, say the spyware industry is “thriving and growing rapidly.”

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