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google dictionary extension for google chrome


Here is an exciting extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows users to browse word definitions with just a few clicks! The main feature of this extension is that whenever you are browsing the web and come across a word whose meaning you don’t know, you double click and highlight the word – Google Dictionary will immediately show you its meaning.



Google Dictionary Extension for Chrome

If you are not satisfied, you can also click on the More button and get additional information. Alternatively, you can also directly search for word meanings by entering your search terms in the top right corner.

With this extension, you can:

  • Double-click on any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble.
  • View the full definition of any word or phrase using the dictionary in the address bar.

Both features are configurable through the options page. After installing it, you should see the icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

To note: You will need to reload the page for the extension to work if it is already loaded. Also, there will be a conflict with other extensions, such as Grammarly, because they work the same way.

To install this useful extension, head over to the Google dictionary Extension installation page.

Can you add Google Dictionary to desktop?

No. It is a browser extension, and it only works on the browser. If you need to find the meaning of words on a page to understand it better, just search for it using the extension and you’ll know better.

Where is the dictionary in Chrome?

Each browser can help you understand typing errors using its built-in dictionary. This is true for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and any other browser. In Chrome, you will need to go to settings and find the language. Then enable the spell check type and customize the spell check option.

Google dictionary chrome extension



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