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Google Doodle Founders’ Quirky Way To Say They Were Not In The Office In 1998

NEW DELHI : The first Google Doodle was born in 1998, when founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to take some time off and attend the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert in 1988. The co-founders and researchers of the Stanford University have come up with a rather original way of letting their employees and users know that the duo won’t be available at the top of the search engine for a while.

What grew out of the need to deliver a comic message to Google users that the founders were “out of the office” is what the world is looking forward to – their daily dose of Google Doodle.

On July 1, the Google team on its Twitter account decided to invoke this historical data and give its users a little anecdote about the search engine’s much-loved feature.


“The first Google Doodle was created in 1998 to let people know that our founders would be out of the office. Can you guess where they were going? Google wrote on Twitter.

Google describes their doodles as “the fun, surprising, and sometimes spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists.”

In 1988, when Page and Brin decided to visit the Burning Man festival, they simply replaced the second “O” in Google’s homepage logo with a stick figure resembling the festival’s logo.

The drawing was posted a week before the company was incorporated on September 4, 1988. It took two years before they used a prototype Doodle again. However, this time the doodle celebrated Bastille Day in France on July 14, 2000.

This time around – the founders tapped Dennis Hwang, then an intern and later Doodles lead designer, to produce a doodle for Bastille Day.

“Over time, the demand for doodles has grown in the United States and abroad. The creation of doodles is now the responsibility of a team of talented illlustrators (we call them doodlers) and engineers. For them, creating doodles has become a collective effort to liven up Google’s homepage and bring smiles to Google users around the world,” says Google.

According to the search engine’s official website, the Google Doodle team has created more than 5000 doodles for our home pages around the world.

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