Google Drive is about to delete some of your files (for your good)

Google will soon clean up your Google Drive. The firm explains on its help pages that it is about to “simplify your file and folder structures by replacing files and folders included in multiple locations with shortcuts”. The change will take place during the course of the year. Google details: “Previously, you could include files and folders in multiple locations in your Drive. Introducing Shortcuts simplified file and folder structures and created easier access to them.”

And Google to continue: “With Shortcuts, it’s now easier for you to find and organize files and folders in multiple Google Drives while keeping the original version in one place“. Shortcuts had been around for quite some time. But it was up to the user to create them within the limit of 500 shortcuts per account. The difference is that the replacement of duplicates by shortcuts will be automatic: “you will receive a notification in Google Drive a few weeks before the replacement begins”.

Google Drive will replace your duplicates with simple shortcuts

In addition, Google explains that obviously there will always be an original version of the file somewhere: “the replacement decision will be tied to ownership of the original file and folder while considering access and activity through all other folders so that the replacement causes the least disruption to the collaboration” with your teams. Moreover, the replacement does not change the ownership and sharing parameters to avoid breaking access.

Finally, note that it is not possible to refuse this replacement or to go back. Google also specifies that it is possible and relatively simple to obtain a list of files replaced by shortcuts. To do this, you must open Google Drive from a computer and enter the search field is:replaced followed by the Enter key. As for the underlying reasons for these changes, Google says it is above all a question of simplification.

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We can indeed read: “shortcuts […] help create easier access to files and folders while reducing possible confusion around file and folder properties, management and updating”. We bet that the change also allows Google to make significant savings in terms of storage. What do you think of the upcoming arrival of these automated deletions of duplicates? Do you have a lot on your Drive? Share your feedback in the comments!

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