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Google Expands Photo And Canvas Printing Service To Europe And Canada – TechCrunch


Google is expanding its photo and canvas prints service to Europe and Canada.

Google has been offering print photo books in the US since 2017, a service that started rolling out in Europe the following year. And then in 2019, Google started offering photo prints and canvas prints in the US. Starting today, these two additional printing services are available to Google Photos users in 28 European countries – essentially, the whole of the European Union plus the UK – and Canada.

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Although there are third-party photo printing services that allow you to upload photos directly from online platforms such as Google, baking a printing service directly into Google Photos eliminates all friction. – in addition to preventing you from giving another company access to your Google account. On top of that, Google Photos has a built-in search feature that allows users to find photos by location, time period, people and pets, objects and themes – this is especially useful for those looking to print types of very specific photos from what are potentially thousands of snapshots dating back several years.


In Europe, individual photo prints start at €0.15 each (excluding postage and taxes), with the cost increasing gradually depending on the size. And in Canada, the price starts at CAD $0.39. Canvas prints, meanwhile, start at £23.99 in the UK for an 8.8-inch print, but it’s unclear how much they cost in the Eurozone – a direct conversion from GBP would be around €28 . Google has not confirmed how much the service will cost in Canada.

It’s also worth noting that Google introduced a photo printing subscription service in 2020, which uses AI to automatically print and send a user’s top 10 photos of the month. Costing around $7 per month in the US, this offer has yet to make its way to other markets.



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