Google, Facebook, TikTok and Linkedin, an industrial panoply for advertising campaigns

The contracts recently signed by the Ad’s Up Consulting agency once again illustrate the advantage of the industrialization of Google, Facebook, TikTok and Linkedin in terms of digital advertising. The Ad’s Up Consulting agency works for the Uriage, Aroma-zone, Omie & Cie and Axa Climate School brands. Ad’s Up specializes in SEA, SEO, Social and Display Ads.

Launch of new Uriage products on the Google search engine

Uriage, international brand of cosmetics and dermatological care, wishes to improve its natural referencing, that is to say its presence at the top of search engine responses. This requires an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, optimization of presence on search engines, Google in mind. To do this, the agency notably pilots a tailor-made strategy, geared towards the launch of new Uriage brand products.

Focused on good SEO practices, the strategy aims to boost the visibility of the brand on strategic keywords in order to increase qualified traffic on the Uriage website. The approach includes support for editorial content, semantic analysis, technical expertise and content creation.

Drive in-store sales for Aroma-Zone

Other cases, Aroma-Zone, brand of natural ingredients for the production of cosmetic products that you make yourself, and Omie & Cie, a product delivery service for producers and the environment, are banking on the development of their Social Ads and SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategy.

In detail, Aroma-Zone wants to develop its digital acquisition strategy on the SEA and Social Ads component. The goal is to trigger store visits and sales by working on brand visibility, all with marketing in line with the company’s values. On the SEA part, the teams have set up various Google Ads systems with Shopping and Search campaigns. On the Social Ads part, the teams are working on activating the lever of the TikTok video social network in order to diversify the media mix for managing drive to store campaigns and optimizing campaigns focused on acquiring new customers.

Sell ​​online and on the mobile app for Omie

On the Omie & Cie side, the objective is to increase sales as well as to acquire new customers via their website and their mobile application thanks to SEA and Social Ads. To do this, the Ad’s up teams are piloting a cross-channel strategy on 3 main devices, ie the implementation of Google Ads campaigns, App Installs campaigns and Facebook Ads campaigns.

Axa Climate School, for its part, supports companies in their sustainable transition in the face of environmental and climate challenges. The use of social networks aims to support Axa Climate School in the launch of its training course intended for companies wishing to raise their employees’ awareness of the challenges of climate change. The Ad’s Up teams focus on the LinkedIn lever, particularly on the French market, then Germany and Great Britain. The teams worked on 3 types of campaigns targeting notoriety, consideration and conversion for a full funnel strategy.

Ad’s up drives acquisition strategies on SEA (Google, programmatic RTB, Bing, Amazon) and Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Waze and Snapchat) levers.

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