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Google imagines a new tool to pretend to work

As summer approaches, GAFAM has just launched an astonishing tool to take it easy on telework.

Since the start of the pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for many people. Thanks to a good internet connection and the software offered by the digital giants, working from your living room has become almost as natural as meeting your colleagues in the open space.

Aware that dematerialized work is here to stay, Google has just unveiled a new tool that should make some people happy. If you’re tired of endless video meetings on Meet, Mountain View just a few days ago presented in a blog post, the arrival of the picture-in-picture function.

Not sure that this new tool boosts our productivity at work. In concrete terms, it is now possible to continue to go about your business when you’re in a meeting, while keeping an eye on his colleagues in a thumbnail window. Officially, the idea is not to waste time, and to be able to deal with certain mechanical tasks during the meeting, such as checking emails, finishing a presentation or even writing a report. In fact, it is obviously to be expected that the tool will be synonymous with the Netflix series.

Capable of displaying up to four interlocutors simultaneously, this new feature actually promises to be very practical on a daily basis. Coming soon to all Google Workspace and G Suite users, as well as all personal accounts, Google Meet picture-in-picture should soon join our remote work habits.

How to activate the option?

To find out if you already have access to picture-in-picture, nothing could be simpler. When you are in a videoconference, all you have to do is open the menu via the icon representing the three vertical dots at the bottom of the navigation window. An option Enable picture in picture should then appear. If this is not the case, be patient, the update should be available quickly.



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