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Google is accused of having ruined the reputation of a lawyer

In Mexico, Google will have to pay $245 million to an individual for “moral damage”. The American search engine giant has announced its intention to appeal.

In a statement to AFP, Google said it was ordered on June 13 to pay five billion pesos to lawyer Ulrich Richter Morales, his wife and their joint company.

Clearly, the Web giant would have “supposedly tolerated and allowed the dissemination of a blog” damaging the lawyer’s reputation. The latter accuses the Mountain View firm of having allowed the dissemination of a blog implicating him in alleged offenses of money laundering, influence peddling and falsification of documents. The plaintiff claims to have requested the removal of the blog from Google since 2015.

Google’s Defense

The American giant says “regret the conviction on appeal” of the Civil Court of Mexico in charge of the judgment. He considers the decision to“arbitrary, excessive and baseless”. Accordingly, Google assures that it “will defend itself until the last resort because this judgment infringes freedom of expression and other fundamental principles”.

For the Mountain View juggernaut, this defamation case is not a first. As a reminder, at the beginning of June, the Australian federal court ordered Google to pay more than 466,000 euros to an Australian politician. The latter believed he had been defamed in videos of a comedian hosted on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

Exercise your right

Like most search engines, Google provides its users with a form to request the removal of search results. “You may feel the need to have certain content about you removed from Google search. In some cases, we may remove links to such information from Google search.says a blog post.

Through its online form, it is therefore possible to send the Mountain View firm a request for “dereferencing of content about you appearing in the search engine results list”. For this, it will be necessary to specify the web address of the site that is the subject of the request and to argue.

Namely that, theoretically, “Google may also remove content for specific legal reasons, such as DMCA copyright infringement reports and child sexual abuse images. To submit a removal request for legal reasons, use the Legal Issues Resolution Form”.

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