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Google is expanding its payment system selection test in its Play Store

Google is expanding its testing of payment system options in its Play Store. This one is especially available in the US, another app is also concerned.

Integrating alternative payment platforms is no small feat. This must be done gradually, especially on such an important and used infrastructure as Google Play Store. The pilot program makes its US debut today. The Mountain View company allows users from the US, Brazil and South Africa to choose which payment system they want to use when making in-app purchases.

Google is expanding its payment system selection test in its Play Store

There are also several apps involved in opening this test. In addition to Spotify, which started rolling out an early implementation of Payment Choices this week, Bumble is joining the party. The dating app will allow its users to choose their preferred payment system in certain countries in the “coming months”.

According to official documents, going through an alternative payment platform lowers the commission charged by the American giant by 4%. In other words, the latter always takes 11 or 26% on every transaction carried out through these systems. In a reply sent to TechCrunchHowever, Spotify said its deal with Google met its expectations of fairness. However, we do not know if Spotify was able to take advantage of any special conditions.

This is especially available in the US.

The test was first announced last March. In September, Google said a driver will be coming to the Play Store for users in Australia, the European Economic Area, India, Indonesia and Japan. Google explains that they have first “positive” feedback from developers and users who have been able to benefit from it.

At least this experimentation is not altruistic. Like Apple, Google is under pressure from regulators and politicians who believe mobile operating system makers are abusing their position to deprive users of options for their in-app payments. It’s no secret that major developers and media companies, including Spotify, Epic Games and New York Times, have come together to demand the possibility of using alternative payment systems. Bumble’s biggest competitor, Match Group, has even decided to take Google to court, accusing it of violating competition laws. In theory, this test should help Google avoid (or at least mitigate) potential fines and burdensome legal obligations it might otherwise incur.



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