Google is rolling out new privacy labels for apps on Play Store

As of late 2020, the app store contains what the company calls “privacy labels.” These list the information that the app collects and tracks. For example: the user’s email address or search history, and whether different companies may use the data on different services.

Latest news, Google has launched a new security section in the Play Store designed to show users details about the data collected by the app and how it is used. It will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks, and app developers will need to add this information to the list by July 20.


However, this section may not be immediately visible to everyone.

What is the new security section in the Play Store?

According to Google, this is an attempt to provide more information and context to users. It lists the data that each developer collects, such as data sharing and security measures. It also provides information on whether developers follow Google Play policies and whether security practices have been validated by third parties.

You can visit Google’s support page to see more information about what developers should disclose. The page also states that if the conditions are not met, the app or apps may be removed from the Play Store. Additionally, even developers using apps that do not collect user data should complete this form and provide a link to the privacy policy provided on the page.

Is Google trying to copy Apple?

Play Store’s transparency follows the release of similar features on Apple’s App Store in late 2020. However, as The Verge notes on Google’s support page, the security component is not necessarily “an individual counterpart like that of Apple”. Therefore, “developers cannot expect to provide exactly the same information to both.” The classification and framework of the security section of Google Play can be very different from those of other application stores.

Still, this move is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to ensure Play Store apps respect user privacy. In fact, Google recently announced its intention to limit the use of outdated apps in the Play Store to ensure that the apps there adhere to its latest security and privacy measures.



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