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Google is terminating one of its online services

News hardware Google is terminating one of its online services

Google has just sealed the fate of its Hangouts instant messaging service: it will stop working from next November. It will then join the long list of Google solutions to have been put to death by the American company.

If you’re still one of those Google service users who haven’t made the transition from Hangouts to Google Chat, now is the time to start preparing to say goodbye to your favorite online messaging service. In effect, Hangouts will permanently stop working in November 2022 : it is the firm of Mountain View which has just announced it in a blog post released this week.

This decision is not really surprising since since October 2020, Google Chat has replaced Hangouts within Gmail and the company never pushed major updates for this service again. However, the Hangouts application remained available for users who wanted to continue using it, but Google probably felt it was time to bury this service alongside other solutions that have fallen over the years, like Google+, Google Answer, Google Current, Google Health, Google Music Search and more than 250 others.

Google Hangouts, a solution that failed to win

The Hangouts story began in 2013 and at the time already, Google had big ambitions for instant messaging and above all unified. Proposed within Gmail, Android or even the social network Google+, also fallen in combat, this solution sought to compete with Facebook Messenger, meanwhile available since 2011, and which had largely participated in digging the grave of Microsoft Live Messenger. , buried in 2013 (RIP les Wizz).

However, Google has a habit of self-competitionthe American company has launched in previous years services like Google Meet, Google Hello and Google Chat which greatly diluted Hangouts’ market share. The coup de grace was undoubtedly the replacement of the service by Google Chat within Gmail in 2020. Interestingly, Google Allo bowed out in 2019, while Google Meet closed in 2020, so Hangouts has enjoyed a nice longevity by comparison.

A smooth transition to Google Chat

Google Chat is now the only instant messaging platform that the Mountain View company wants to push. It also promises future developmentswhich should “Helping people collaborate better and express themselves”particularly in the context of teleworking.

Hangouts fans are invited to download the Chat application on their smartphone or tablet now, to make a smooth transition. Otherwise, those still using Hangouts within Gmail will automatically switch to Chat sometime in July.

“We encourage everyone to switch to Chat, but the web version of Hangouts will remain available until the end of the year”, explains Google. In addition, the company reassures users by adding that the chat history is automatically transferred from one application to another, without loss of information. It is still possible to perform a manual backup via Google Takeout.



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