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Google makes Earth Engine available to everyone

Over the past decade, researchers in academia and the NGO world have had access to increasingly sophisticated information about the Earth’s surface, via the Google Earth engine. From now on, any commercial or governmental entity will have access to this version of the famous mapping tool. On condition of paying.

Explore the planet without leaving your sofa, thanks to Google Earth! Google’s free mapping application allows you to enjoy spectacular images and virtually visit many tourist sites.

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Google originally launched Earth Engine for scientists and NGOs in 2010. It is one of the largest publicly available Earth observation catalogs in the world, combining data from satellites and other sources that feed Earth Engine continuously. This data is combined with cloud computing resources, making it possible to use the raw data to obtain timely, accurate and high-resolution information on the state of the Earth’s surface. Enough to keep an almost permanent eye on the planet’s forests, water sources, ecosystems and agriculture, as well as on their evolution.

Google Cloud says it is marketing Earth Engine to meet the sustainability needs of businesses. Companies are under pressure – from regulators, investors and customers – to reduce their carbon emissions. So Google is launching new products that promise to help them achieve their data collection goals with more and better data.

The argument of ecology

“Over the years, companies and governments have increasingly called on us to accelerate their sustainability transformation,” Rebecca Moore, director of Google Earth, told reporters on Monday. “We help companies responsibly manage natural resources while implementing sustainable business practices.”

Last year, Google started offering a commercial version of Earth Engine to a few companies. SC Johnson, for example, has used the platform to learn about fluctuations in mosquito populations to help guide the development of its pest control products. Using billions of weather data points, combined with data on mosquito populations over the past six decades, the company has developed a publicly available predictive model of when and where mosquito populations will appear. .

Google says Earth Engine will still be available for free to nonprofits, academic research, and educational organizations.

Google Cloud is also unveiling a range of other tools for businesses looking to improve their carbon footprint. It’s launching a new pilot program to help organizations gather the information they need to use carbon-free energy 24/7, and it’s expanding its Carbon Sense suite of products.

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