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Google Maps now locates LGBTQ+ establishments

Google spares no effort to provide support for LGBTQ+ people (lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, transsexuals and all people who have questions about their sexuality). The American giant has just implemented a label in Maps that will allow businesses to indicate that they belong to LGBTQ+ people.

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In the middle of the week, the American company announced its new feature on Google Maps for owners of LGBTQ+ companies. For the time being, it only applies to companies located in the United States. Also, this label is only available to businesses whose profile is verified by Google.

It should be noted that several similar labels are already present on the platform. In addition to the traffic status visible from your screen, Google also allows you to display many establishment identification labels. These are mostly labels reserved for companies belonging to people from Latin America, women or veterans to name a few. It is up to the owners to add the labels in question to their profiles. After that, they will show up on the platform and even in the Google Maps search results of companies that belong to LGBTQ+ people.

Google Maps launches label for LGBTQ+ business owners

Labels are not added by Google or community members, but only by the owner himself. However, there are still gray areas, since the search engine does not really have a system to verify if the company is really an LGBTQ + establishment. The only thing that is certain at this point is that Google will know whether the company itself added the label.

Google wants this label to help people who are looking for companies that support the LGBTQ+ cause. Some of the labels that business owners can add to results on Google Maps include LGBT communities such as: “LGBTQ friendly”, “Transgender safespace” and “Gender-neutral restroom”.

To justify this new initiative, Google made a statement through its head of product inclusion and marketing mackenzie thomas arguing that “This builds on our previous work with LGBTQ+ and transgender safe space attributes available globally, and provides a more objective attribute that only businesses can add to their profiles.”

This label, although praised by a multitude of people, receives a lot of criticism. Many users do not trust Google, and some already fear identification of companies by homophobic people. But, Google seems to have thought of everything and reassures by specifying that “You can report negative or abusive reviews you believe you have received by identifying your business as owned by someone of the identity you selected.”

“Google will investigate each report and endeavor to take appropriate action. “. Could we read on the press release, not sure that these words are enough to reassure some LGBTQ + members who prefer to operate in anonymity.

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