Google Meet will soon receive two new features

The global pandemic has seen many companies turn to platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to conduct their meetings. Likewise, many people have used these platforms to communicate with loved ones during quarantine.

Google understands the important role of these platforms and will soon launch two new features for Google Meet.

The first will allow Google Meet to automatically remove people from meetings if they’re the only ones left. After you’ve been alone for 5 minutes in a meeting, Google Meet will ask you if you want to stay or leave. You will have two minutes to respond to this request, after which the platform will automatically remove you from the meeting.

According to Google, the idea behind Google Meet’s ability to automatically remove users from meetings is to avoid situations where users might unintentionally share audio or video files if they forget, for one reason or another, to leave. a meeting.

Meeting auto-start will be offered to desktop and iPhone users first, followed by Android devices. The feature will be enabled by default, but you will have the option to disable it in the app settings.

Host controls

The second feature of Google Meet is a new menu called “Host Controls”, which will group together all host controls in one menu. The aim is to provide a “more intuitive user experience“. According to Google, this change will make it easier for hosts to manage their meeting settings. Unfortunately, the new “Host Controls” menu will only be available on the desktop version of Google Meet.

Both new features will be available this month for fast-release domains, but it may take longer for scheduled-release domains to receive them.

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