Google Messages would offer customizing swipe actions or disabling them entirely

Google Messages has added new features to make the app useful and secure for Android users. Now, according to recent observations, Google Messages could let users customize swipe-based actions or disable them entirely from the app.

According to a recent APK upload by 9to5Google, the company is currently testing new customizable swipe actions in Google Messages to simplify the app’s UI for users. The post discovered the customizable swipe actions in the latest version of the Messages app on the Play Store.

If you’re on Android and use Google Messages, you might already know that a swipe from left to right for each contact can do one of three things: open the new navigation drawer on the left, run the Android’s back function or archive a conversation. These actions are preset and work based on how long you hold your finger down before swiping or where you start swiping.

So, as you can imagine, swipe actions in Google Messages are pretty hit or miss right now.

Google now wants to simplify this system and give users the option to customize swipe actions or disable them entirely. So, according to 9to5Google’s findings, the company is now aiming to add a dedicated “Swipe actions” option to Google Messages in-app settings.

Not yet available

This option will allow users to choose whether they want to delete or archive conversations using left-to-right or right-to-left swipes. Also, the option allows users to disable swipe actions entirely in the app.

It should be noted that this feature does not currently work in Google Messages. Google still needs to integrate the new feature into the app before making it available to users. Currently, the app settings for swipe actions work as an interface demo. The report suggests Google will likely take a few more weeks to flesh out the feature.

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