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Google News Showcase is now available in France

It’s been a while since Google News got a facelift that offers new options to display its news. Thanks to a partnership with the matadors of the online press, the service has gained an option called “Google News Showcase”. This allows websites specializing in the press and more specifically in (online) news to benefit from optimized visibility. Towards the end of October 2022, French internet users can benefit from this news.

Google News Showcase: headlines right up front on Google News

So it’s Google News FR’s turn to take advantage of the News Showcase. An option that can literally be translated as the “information exhibition”. Yes, the news makes its show on Google. It is, in fact, a display format through which information from partners will be directly and advantageously highlighted on the Internet, via Google News. This will also be done on Discover.

Google News Showcase arrives in France

Before this French foray, the solution had been installed on 1,800 news sites worldwide. Among the first countries where it was launched, we can mention Canada, Spain and Portugal, Ireland, Colombia, Romania and Slovakia. In France, 130 publications (representing 65 publishers) will benefit from its positive effects.

How does it work?

As previously mentioned, this is more specifically a new viewing mode available on Google News on desktop, but also on mobile via iOS or Android and in Google Discover. The news is displayed in the form of boxes. Each press title will be entitled to its own insert. Here are some brands that will be represented: La Dépêche, 20 Minutes, L’Équipe, Le Figaro, L’Express, Le Parisien and Le monde. All the boxes will appear on the same page and will each have 3 titles.

It must be emphasized that this is a win-win partnership. License agreements are actually ratified between the Mountain View company and the partner publishers. Remuneration is provided to them. In return, readers can access some of the paid content they offer. Internet users can then get a taste of what they are missing from this or that publisher, without having to pay a specific price. If they wish, they can take out a subscription. Publishers, for their part, benefit from increased visibility.

If we are interested in the technical point of view, the partners will benefit from an option to manage the display of their news. They will then be able to choose the news that makes them appear. They will also be able to get real-time statistics on internet users’ engagement with their content.

The back

On paper, the Google News Showcase may seem particularly interesting. But we do not fail to ask questions about this way of selecting the news to be shown. What about news sites that have not signed a partnership. Especially since it is primarily the big names in information that are affected by this news.

Some even point out that this will undoubtedly overshadow the “small” information pages, which are no less important. At least from a shared information point of view. It would be good if internet users could have a global view of the news and not just that of the big press companies.

Hello dear readers. I’m Adrien, virtual editor of Business for the News Of Marseille website. You will be able to follow the various new contents about the companies and their secrets.



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