Google now lets you limit ads on alcohol and dating sites

Google has just extended its ad limitation program to more Display Network users, who now have the ability to limit ads for alcohol, gambling, pregnancy, weight loss, and of encounters.

Since December 2020, Google has offered US Display Network users the ability to limit the appearance of alcohol and betting ads. Today, new categories of advertisements are added to this functionality, and it is available all over the world.

These are advertisements on pregnancy and parenthood, dating sites and weight loss diets. These new categories are already available on YouTube and they are now coming to the Display Network to allow users to limit the display of ads on sensitive topics. Elijah Lawal, spokesperson for Google, recalls that the Display Network is “a group of over 2 million websites, videos and apps” allowing advertisers to target Internet users.

How to limit these advertisements?

To limit the display of advertisements on the previously stated themes, simply go to the Ads Settings on Google and scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

google limit ads

Limiting certain categories of sensitive ads on the Display Network

You will then see the dedicated section appear, then all you have to do is click on “Less ads” on the theme or themes for which you want to see fewer advertisements.

On clicking the button, a message will appear stating “You should see fewer ads in this category when you’re signed in to your Google Account on YouTube, but the total number of ads served won’t change. » You will then be asked whether or not to confirm your choice. It will also be possible to allow the normal display of advertisements that you have previously limited.

However, Google warns Internet users that although it will limit the display of the categories of advertisements you have chosen, sensitive topics may appear on other advertisements. Google gives the example of a “airline featuring a person drinking a glass of champagne”.

While it is rare to see advertisements on the different themes listed in the image above, it will always be difficult to see advertisements that do not implicitly or explicitly show alcohol or couples, for example. But you will no longer see ads directly related to these themes by activating the limitation in the ad settings. In any case, it is pleasant to see Google giving more control over the advertising experience.

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