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Google One VPN comes on computer with Mac and Windows applications

Following iOS availability earlier this year, Google One VPN is now available for Mac and Windows via new desktop apps.

Google One VPN is available to subscribers on the 2TB or higher “premium” plan, which is higher than the 100GB “basic” plan ($1.99/month or $19.99/year) and the “standard” 200GB ($2, 99/month or $29.99/year ).

In addition to storage and VPN, the required subscription of $9.99 per Month ($99.99 per year) is shared with up to five users, offers better customer support and 10% back in the Google Store. The final perk is Google Workspace Premium, starting with longer group calls for Meet, YouTube live streaming, recording and noise reduction.

Mac and Windows apps for VPN can be installed directly from the Google One website by going to Advantage > VPN protection for multiple devices > and download the app. Then click VPNbyGoogleOneSetup.exe or VPNbyGoogleOne.dmg to start the installation process.

Some users will be able to download the apps starting today, with full availability expected in the coming days.

A VPN key with signals radiating from the top left corner and a green check mark will appear on your Windows taskbar or macOS menu bar. This will open a small window to enable/disable virtual private network. Each Google One user (including those in your family group) can have up to six devices using VPN.

On Apple devices, you need MACOS 11+ and Intel or Apple Silicon (M-Series) hardware, while Windows 10+ and 64-bit (not 32-bit or ARM) processor support are required. More details will be available here, while country availability is as follows: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, France, Sweden , Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, USA.

Google One VPN focuses on hiding your traffic and IP address, reducing online tracking, and protecting public Wi-Fi and other unsecured networks. The company says it will “never use your VPN connection to track, collect or sell your online activity.”

The only information that is recorded and linked to you is your usage level. This usage is categorized as low, medium or high. Aggregated or anonymized logging is also performed to ensure the quality of the service.

In the coming weeks, Google will release an updated independent audit covering both Windows and Mac VPN implementations.

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