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Google pays $118 million compensation for gender discrimination

A class action lawsuit made up of employees of Google’s California offices accuses the company of paying them less than the men. In this case, the plaintiffs’ law firm announced that it had reached an agreement (pdf) with the tech giant on Saturday June 11. The firm agreed to pay the amount of 118 million dollars to end the lawsuits. Measures will also be taken to examine the conditions for equal pay between the sexes within the company.

Compensation that does not compensate for losses for employees

The complaint was filed in 2017 by former employees of Google’s California offices. They claimed that women had been paid less since 2013 compared to men in equivalent positions. The American giant would thus have violated a local law, the California Equal Pay Act, by paying women $16,794 less per year than men. Facts that are gender-based discrimination.

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An agreement has been reached between the complainants and Google to exonerate the company from the charges against it. She will have to pay 118 million dollars in compensation for the employees. The four main plaintiffs Kelly Ellis, Holly Pease, Kelli Wisuri and Haili Lamar, will respectively receive 75,000 dollars for the first and 50,000 dollars for the other three. The 15,500 other employees will each receive $5,000, far from compensating for the loss of salary caused by this discrimination.

In addition to financial compensation, the agreement will lead to the intervention of an independent expert in charge of analyzing the company’s practices concerning discrimination in hiring. A labor economist will also be asked to examine pay equity at Google.

Google is used to wage discrimination

As a woman who has spent her entire career in the tech industry, I am optimistic about the actions Google has decided to take under this agreement that will ensure equality for women. said Holly Pease, one of the main plaintiffs.

In a statement sent to Ars-Technica, Google does not recognize any wrongdoing. The Californian firm even explains that “ if we find differences in the salary proposals, including those between men and women, we make the necessary adjustments to revalue them “. In this logic, the company adds that it has increased 2,300 salaries in 2020.

Despite these claims, this is not Google’s first attempt at wage discrimination. In 2019, the Mountain View firm paid an $11 million fine for discriminating against 227 job seekers based on their age. In 2021, she agreed to pay $3.8 million for underpaying female engineers from 2014 to 2017. All those fines pale in comparison to the company’s $68 billion in first-party revenue. quarter 2022.



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