Google Photos: new filters to better transcribe skin colors

Google has just announced the launch of Real Tone filters on its cloud photo and video storage application. With this new feature, Google Photos offers more authenticity and detail in the skin color shades. The novelty begins to be deployed on the Android smartphone application.

Better skin color shades for Google Photos

In October 2021, Google came to announce the Pixel 6. These smartphones are also entitled to various new photo features, including Real Tone. Thanks to these filters, the camera comes to offer more nuances to different skin colors by transcribing them with more authenticity and details. The American firm thus explained that its objective was “ that Google cameras and imaging products work more fairly for people of color “.

Since the launch of this feature, Google came to specify during the Google I/O 2022, which took place in May, that Real Tone would soon be available on other smartphones and services. Finally, the official Android Twitter account just shared an update on this. Indeed, we have just learned that the filters were beginning to be deployed on the Google Photos application for Android smartphones. The Android Central site added that this new feature will also be available in the future on the web version of the service and the iOS application.

For your information, the Real Tone filters are based directly on the Monk Skin Tone scale, and were co-developed by Google with Ellis Monk, assistant professor of sociology at Harvard University. This skin tone scale takes into account 10 specific points on the photos taken, intended to be representative and inclusive, especially for people with darker skin colors.

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