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Google Photos now offers to print your photos and deliver them to you

Google Photos now offers to print your photos. After launching the print service in the US last year, Google is now expanding the feature to European countries. The brand is temporarily offering delivery costs to celebrate the arrival of the service in Europe.

Google Photos continues to add new features. In a recent blog post, Google announced the addition of the ability toprint photos from your gallery.

The option allows to “order photo prints and canvas prints and have them delivered” at your home, details the ticket. It is also possible to request the creation of a photo book.

As a reminder, the service had already been available in the United States since September 2021. Google has just launched the deployment of the offer in Canada and in 28 European countries, including France. Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain and Italy are also among the countries concerned.

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What are the prices for impressions via Google Photos?

The Mountain View giant offers prints in 10 different formats : 10×10, 10×15, 13×18, 20×20, 20×30, 30×45, 40×60, 50×50, 50×75, 60×90. In Europe, Google markets impressions at a minimum price of 0.15 euro per print. For their part, canvas prints range from 20×20 to 75×100 cm. The price starts at 27.99 euros.

Google offers creating a photo book at the starting price of 14.99 euros for 20 pages in Europe. Each additional page costs 0.59 euro.

The brand offers a soft cover in 18×18 format or a more rigid cover in 23×23 format. This last option is billed at 24.99 euros for 20 pages. In this case, the additional pages each cost 0.79 euros.

Google Photos allows you to create a book from an album or manually select all photos. All albums are limited to 140 pages.

Free delivery until July 24, 2022

The brand obviously charges taxes and shipping costs to the user. But, for the launch of the service in our regions, Google offers photo book delivery until July 24, 2022. The company specifies that only economy delivery is offered.

To order prints, simply go to the Google Photos app through your smartphone. Select the photo you want to order, go to the top right of the interface and press More. Choose Order the photothen Photo prints. It is also possible to order a photo book, a print on paper or a print on canvas via a web browser.

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