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When buying a phone, the design of the phone is important, but not one of the the most important parts. You probably care more about the camera, display, and processor than the color or camera layout. This is mainly because the chances of you putting it in a case are high and also the way a phone works and functions is kind of the point of owning one. With a smartwatch, I would say design is as important as anything.

A watch is certainly a tool and has been since the time it was invented – let’s not suggest otherwise. But over the years, a watch has become so much more than that and is often viewed first from a fashion perspective. You usually buy a watch because you like the way it looks. Even with a smartwatch, I don’t think most would buy one if they didn’t think it was an attractive piece of technology because it will live on their wrist, uncovered at all times.

With that in mind, I’m really curious to know what you all think of the design of the Google Pixel Watchespecially now that an early, but also somewhat finished, version of one has leaked from a classic iPhone 4-esque restaurant.

The watch, as seen above next to a Galaxy Watch (46mm), is quite minimalist in its design. It is completely round with curved glass to create a domed display. You’ve got a large crown, as well as semi-hidden buttons on either side, as well as a strap that should tuck nicely into the body like the original Moto 360.

It’s a bit of a striking design, though. It doesn’t have a chunky bezel or lugs or really the shape of a traditional watch, like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It’s sort of a cross between the look of a pocket watch and the Apple Watch. In fact, it’s almost like a rounded version of the Apple Watch, which, if I’m being honest, is exactly what so many of us wanted someone to do.

Let us know – is the Pixel Watch hot or not?

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