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Google pursues its ambitions for Fuchsia and wants to run Android and Linux applications

Much of the source code for Fuchsia has been removed from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). If we can think that Google wants to abandon its operating system for connected objects, it is not so. The giant has big ambitions for Fuchsia and would even like to run Android and Linux applications.

The Google Fuchsia logo

This is 9to5Google who noticed that a much of the code relating to Fuchsia has been removed from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP)“. This does not mean that Google wants to abandon Fuchsia, but on the contrary that its ambitions for its operating system are great. Currently, Fuchsia is rolling out to the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, which are two smart displays from Google.

Fuchsia could launch Android and Linux apps

As the outlet reports, arguably the biggest ambition for Fuchsia is Google’s intention to run apps from other operating systems on its own. This includes Android or Linux applications, with all those that make up the Play Store catalog.

Two options are possible for the developer. Google could run a real instance of Android on Fuchsia to have optimal operation, even if it means reducing performance. The second option is to tighten the links between Fuchsia and Android. However, Google removed all of Fuchsia’s source code from AOSP. For 9to5GoogleGoogle might be building something new in its place“.

Starnix, the solution found by Google

Starnix is ​​one of the projects around Fuchsia, which should allow ” to “natively” run applications and libraries designed for Linux or Android. To do this, Starnix would translate low-level kernel instructions“.

The Google Nest Hub Max
The Google Nest Hub Max // Source: Frandroid

Google has been working on it for over a year and has already posted an accessible version for developers and enthusiasts. It was a ” small Android distribution included in the system“. According to information from the English-language media, the development team would focus on ” the constant improvement of the compatibility of the operating system with Android and its applications“.

If for the moment only Google’s Nest Hub screens are compatible with the operating system, we do not know exactly which devices will be able to adopt Fuchsia and especially for what uses. We know that Samsung would consider switching to Fuchsia for its smartphones.

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