Google salivates at the thought of managing health record data

After the Clic Santé portal, which processed up to 365,000 vaccination appointments in a single day at the height of the crisis, Google is interested in the Digital Health Record (DSN) of Quebecers.

“Yes, absolutely, we are interested,” responds bluntly to the Log Claude Fortin, account manager, responsible for relations with ministries and organizations in Quebec of Google Cloud Canada when asked if the giant is interested in the Digital Health Record (DSN) of Quebecers.

“The showcase that Clic Santé gave is a fine example of relevance, data security and performance,” he continues.

Wednesday, The newspaper pointed out that Quebec is preparing to inject $600 million into the health network to put an end to the era of faxes.

In an interview on Wednesday, Google did not fail to argue that it is ready to host data from the medical records of Quebecers.

To prove it, the giant pointed out that three of its employees have supported the Quebec SME Trimoz Technology to “deploy more than a dozen new features each month without service interruption” with Clic Santé.

“We had to adjust to the demand, which was almost unpredictable. We remember that with the minister’s announcements [Christian] Dubé, we had to put the platform online with the right data 24 hours later, ”shares Claude Fortin, who was at the heart of the storm.

Encrypted data

He insists: in no case Google can “see” the data hosted on its servers.

“At the entrance, on the platform, the data is encrypted in transit. On the way back, when they are in the databases, they are also encrypted, so there is no possible loss of data,” he explains.

Basically, Google takes care of the infrastructure and the hosting of the data in its centers in Quebec.

“You have to differentiate between public services (Gmail, YouTube, Search) and Google Cloud services. Cloud works with the same infrastructures, but at the same time, there is a separation,” explains Claude Fortin.

Former star MP

As he approaches the Quebec state to offer his services, Claude Fortin has a trump card, he who knows the workings of politics.

Former ADQ member Simon-Pierre Diamond has a mandate to “increase the use of the products and services of cloud computing of Google Cloud Canada Corporation in Quebec,” reads the Registry of Lobbyists.

“Ryan’s added value [la firme pour laquelle travaille Simon-Pierre Diamond] was the atoms hooked. We shared the same values,” concludes Claude Fortin.

Over the past two years, Trimoz Technology has received a dozen million dollars in public contracts of all kinds in health, including some projects with Google Cloud, according to data compiled by The newspaper.

Clic Health in figures

  • Over 7,000,000 unique users
  • 50,000 appointments set on average per day
  • A peak of 365,000 daily appointments
  • 80,000 connections per day on average

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