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Google: say goodbye to this iconic application

Google has announced the date of the death of its instant messaging application: Hangout. Its users only have a few months left to organize their migration to its successor, Google Chat.

It’s an instant messaging service that debuted in 2013: Hangout. An application that arrived on the market when smartphones were experiencing a real boom, to allow Gmail users to chat with each other, and which could also replace traditional SMS management applications.

But after nine years of good and loyal service, and a first hint of a potential end in 2018, Google has finally announced that its instant messaging application will officially disappear in November 2022. Those who continue to use Hangout will therefore have to make up their mind, they only have a few months left to use it. But don’t panic, Google is not leaving its fans helpless and has already planned its replacement.

Hangout is dead, long live Google Chat!

Hangout’s untimely demise didn’t happen overnight, or even months. Google has been planning its move for about two years. While in 2018, the Tech giant had already given the first clues as to a possible replacement of Hangout by Google Chat, in 2020, the Mountain View-based firm is finally making the latter free for everyone, when it was paid up to now and more generally reserved for businesses. It is therefore two years after being slowly democratized that the new instant messaging service directly integrated into Gmail will replace its predecessor launched in 2013.

And the migration campaign has already begun. Those who have the smartphone application have already received a message inviting them to use Google Chat now. And if it’s not yet, it should happen soon. While users of the application directly from Gmail will switch to the new formula automatically, from this month of July, although the service continues to be operational until November.

What to do before switching to Google Chat

Does Switching from Hangout to Google Chat Mean You’ll Lose All Your Conversations? Fortunately, no. The company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 ensured that everything would be automatic and that all your history would be transferred directly from the old application to the new one, without intervention being necessary. The migration should be a simple formality that should cause almost no changes to its users, except for the interface and the name of the app.

However, Google preferred to be cautious to prevent possible problems and technical bugs. To be sure and certain not to lose your precious exchanges, the giant invites you to make a copy of all your data by downloading them via Google Takeout before next November, which will mark their permanent deletion. This should ensure you don’t lose anything. As for the new interface, do not panic, it is not drastically different. You can only be a winner, since Google assures it: its new Chat allows you to “best ways to connect and collaborate”.

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