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Google Search Console: how to verify ownership

Verifying your property on Google Search Console allows you to analyze your website’s SEO performance.

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Google just added a new way to verify your ownership in Search Console. © IB Photography –

Why have your property validated?

Adding a site to Google Search Console allows you to collect very useful data to check its visibility and optimize its referencing. In addition, to collect data, you must go through a validation process which verifies that you are the owner of the added domain.

Note that you can add a property that includes:

  • An entire domain: all URLs of all subdomains, all protocols,
  • A single branch of your domain: only the URLs of the entered address and the specified protocol.

The different methods to validate your property in Google Search Console

To verify your domain name, Google Search Console offers several validation methods depending on the type of property added.

Methods to validate an entire domain on Search Console

To verify your domain, you must go through the DNS registration. Until now, only DNS TXT was available, but Google has just announced the possibility of using DNS CNAME.

You must have ownership of your domain name and be able to log in to your web host in order to verify ownership. To know: the steps to follow often vary according to the host used, but most of them offer a help page dedicated to DNS verification.

Methods to validate a domain branch on Search Console

Want to validate ownership of a URL prefix? Several methods are available:

  • Importing an HTML file: among the prerequisites, you must be able to import a file in the root directory of your site.
  • HTML tag : you must be able to modify the HTML source code of your home page to be able to insert the tag in the header of your page.
  • Google Analytics tracking code: if you use Google Analytics, it is possible to use the tracking code provided by the tool to verify your ownership on Search Console. Warning: you must use the same Google account on both tools for this procedure to work.
  • Google Tag Manager: you can verify your ownership by relying on the Google Tag Manager container snippet code. Again, you must use the same Google account for both tools.
  • Google Domains or Blogger: blogs or sites that rely on Google Domains have automatic domain verification in Search Console.
  • DNS record (TXT or CNAME): the procedure is identical to the validation of entire domains (see the paragraph above).



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