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Google strikes back in its lawsuit against Match Group

New twist in the lawsuit between Google and Match Group: Google responded by accusing the group specializing in dating applications of misleading the court. Match Group says Google is taking huge advantage of Google Pay to impose service fees it says are unjustified while the Mountain View firm sees it providing many valuable services for Tinder’s parent company as part of of this partnership.

Match Group sues Google for anti-competitive practices

It all started in 2021 when Spotify and Match Group filed a complaint against Google and Apple. The Swedish streaming platform and the firm specializing in dating applications have initiated this procedure, because they consider that the two technological giants are abusing their dominant position to set up exorbitant service fees.

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When an application is distributed by one of the two distribution platforms Google Play and App Store, application publishers see Google and Apple set up service fees for any purchase made in an application (in-app) thanks to to Google Pay or Apple Pay. In addition, since 2020, the companies of Mountain View and Cupertino have tended to make payment from their payment services compulsory, which forces application publishers to pay, whatever happens, service fees when making a payment. .

Match Group and Spotify consider that these costs are exorbitant, corresponding to 30% on any purchase, and that their presence is not very well explained by the two Silicon Valley firms. They also regret that it is not possible to offer several means of payment and that users are forced to go through Apple Pay or Google Pay to make in-app purchases.

In May 2022, Match Group and Google appear to have found common ground after Tinder’s parent company renewed its anticompetitive practices complaint. Google says at that time that Match Group applications will be able to remain on the Play Store and offer alternative payment methods to Google Pay.

Google files counterclaim against Match Group

But Google does not intend to stop there. The firm has filed a counterclaim in its ongoing lawsuit against Match Group. The tech giant claims that Tinder’s parent company is misleading the courts by saying that Google is simply providing a processing fee as part of the partnership between the two companies.

The Mountain View firm adds that “ Google Play provides tools and a global distribution platform that has enabled Match Group to thrive and build a powerful user network that is essential for the proper functioning of its dating apps “. Put simply: Google deplores the fact that Match Group only reduced its collaboration to a service fee during any in-app purchase when it would have allowed Match Group to grow its audience and accelerate its growth during of the past five years.

In response to this Google attack, Match Group confided in TechCrunch : “ This counterattack is a prime example of a monopolistic company using its power to scare other developers into submission. Google doesn’t want anyone else to sue them, so their counterclaims are meant as a warning shot. But the main problem is that Google’s Play Store policies are anti-competitive and violate federal and state laws. “.



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