Google Translate Tool | 5 things to know before using it

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– Posted on 27 Apr 2022 at 10:42

Those who regularly have to switch from content written in a language they don’t speak to another they know know that Google’s translation tool is one of the most effective, if not the best. It is often used in a professional setting, but not only! Internet users can rely on it permanently, like online casino players for example, who sometimes have fun on slot machines and other games of chance on English-speaking sites, without knowing this language. To decipher the rules of the games and the establishment, they therefore need an effective product. Like them, you need to translate elements from language A to language B. Here are 5 things to know about Google Translate!

Google’s old and new translation system

Developed in 2006, Google’s translation tool has evolved over time. It now covers more than 100 different languages! Now you don’t even have to choose the original language since it automatically detects it. You can either use it from your device’s browser or download the app to your smartphone.

When the tool was still in its infancy, it was based on a statistical system called SMT. All non-English texts were therefore still translated into English before being translated again into the target language. A lot of errors and misinterpretations resulted from it… From now on, the algorithms have been revolutionized and artificial intelligence was applied to this system. It is thus now completely perfected!

Use Google Translate with your camera

Originally, you could simply copy and paste the content to be translated into the space dedicated to this purpose on the site or on the application, but now Google has developed additional functionalities. So you can photograph a document and see the translation directly on the photo.

You are in a restaurant in Japan and do not understand what the dishes are on the menu? Take a picture of the card and on it, the kanji will be directly readable in the language of your choice.

Use voice translation option

Translating written content is already a great performance, but Google has gone further and now offers to translate spoken sentences as well. You will need a microphone here, the easiest way being to use this option on your phone.

Do you meet someone with whom you cannot exchange important information? Say the sentence while holding your phone in your hand, choose the language of your interlocutor and the words you speak will be transcribed written in the latter.

Translate entire pages of websites

Back to written content. Before, you had to copy-paste fairly short paragraphs or you would exceed the maximum character limit. Now, not only has this limit been lifted, but you can also translate entire pages. You click on the “Websites” tab, you paste the URL of the page you want to translate, you click on the action button and you are redirected to the page in question completely translated.

Translate documents on your device

Let’s finish with a more basic option but which will be all the more appreciated if you work on documents present on your computer or mobile and absolutely need to understand their meaning. With the “Documents” option, you load the document in question on the engine and can then in one second and one click download a translated version.

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