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Google will compensate 15,500 women who accuse it of discrimination

Sued since 2017, Google finally settled a class action complaint out of court. In exchange for compensation reaching a total of 118 million dollars (113 million euros) and a commitment to submit its recruitment and remuneration practices to outside experts, the giant of Mountain View, California, sees cleared of the plaintiffs’ accusations.

In particular those of having paid women less than men “for broadly similar work” and to have “affected women at lower levels than men”, cited Ars-Technica, American site specializing in technological information.

15,500 women who worked at Google from 2013 are affected by this agreement. Each will receive approximately $5,500. Four plaintiffs will be entitled to higher compensation (from 50,000 to 75,000 dollars) in compensation for the risks they took in initiating the procedure.

Google says it is “very happy”

In a statement to Ars-Technica, Google emphasizes that no wrong on its part has been established or admitted in the settlement. He reports that pay equity is subject to regular internal review which leads to increases. Nevertheless, Google says to itself “very pleased that an advisor is reviewing these practices and making recommendations for future improvements”.

The settlement, which still needs to be approved by a San Francisco County Superior Court judge, requires Google to hire independent experts for three years. Its efforts to implement their recommendations will also be subject to external scrutiny, says The New York Times.



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