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Google will help you switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

Earlier this year, Google launched an official “Switch to Android” app for the iPhone and iPad, to make it easier to transfer all your stuff to a new Android phone. Starting today, the app works with even more Android phones.

The “Switch to Android” app arrived at the beginning of the year and helps you copy your contacts, calendars, photos, videos and other data from an iPhone to a new Android device. The app also reminds you to turn off iMessage, so text messages won’t be sent to your old Apple devices after the process is complete.

Google today revealed that Switch to Android can now migrate data to any phone running Android 12 or newer. Until now, it was only compatible with Google Pixel phones, which severely limits its usefulness – Google doesn’t sell as many phones as Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and other companies. Even though Google Pixel devices are gaining traction in North America, you’re far more likely to buy a Samsung Galaxy device in most of the world to replace an iPhone.

Switch to Android is available on the Apple App Store. Google hasn’t said when the update that adds compatibility with more phones will be fully rolled out, but it will likely be in the next few weeks. At least buying one of the best Android phones will be a bit easier for iPhone owners in the future.



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