Google will train 14 future nuggets of Algerian Tech

In partnership with the Google network, the public accelerator and open innovation center Algeria Venture launched this Tuesday, April 24 an acceleration program for Algerian startups.

baptized “Boost Entrepreneurship competencies”this program aims, according to Algeria Venture, to connect startups with the best of networks, to see the right products and best practices that will boost their growth”.

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In total, there are no less than 14 future Algerian nuggets from different wilayas of the country and activating in the sectors of ICT, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, logistics, education or even biotechnology who will benefit from three months of technical and thematic training focusing in particular on finance, marketing, human resources and fundraising.

They will also be able, thanks to this program, to exchange with the founders of world-renowned start-ups and be put in contact with potential investors.

“On the contrary, we are advancing in leaps and bounds”

“This acceleration program is part of the action plan that we have drawn up and which aims to strengthen the knowledge capital of these start-ups by offering them best-in-class training courses designated with global Tech giants, and all this for a prosperous economy based on knowledge and driven by 100% Algerian start-ups”, said Sid Ali Zerrouki, Managing Director of Algeria Venture.

“Even though we have trainers here, we wanted to provide the supreme expertise and quality that is provided by Google”, the managing director of Algeria Venture told TSA. According to him, the objective of this program is to allow Algerian start-ups “to export their products and services, and above all, to make them grow in order to be able to sell and receive financing internationally”.

Asked about the situation of the start-up ecosystem in Algeria, Sid Ali Zerrouki said: “Since the creation of our ministry two years ago, the public authorities have used all the means. We are experiencing tremendous enthusiasm and growth. Contrary to what is said, we are not at all behind some African countries. On the contrary, we are advancing by leaps and bounds. We now have a reservoir of more than 5,000 start-ups, 1,000 of which have been certified by our ministry. »

Algeria Venture depends on the ministry delegated to the Prime Minister in charge of the knowledge economy and start-ups.

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