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Google would open YouTube more widely to rival ad networks

Closely examined by the regulators of the European Union, Google would be ready to make a concession in the advertising field. The firm would soon allow rival advertising agencies to broadcast more freely on YouTube.

Google is on the verge of opening YouTube more widely to other platforms than its Ad Manager // Source: Unsplash / Christian Wiedige

Until now hesitant about the idea of ​​opening up YouTube to competing advertising agencies, Google is about to change its tune. At least that’s what Reuters reports. The British press agency explains that the American giant would be ready to authorize, on its video platform, the distribution of advertisements negotiated through independent agencies. The goal? Satisfy the European Union while its regulators scrutinize Google’s actions in terms of free competition.

Because as Engadget points out, Google currently requires advertisers to use its own platforms. Ad Manager and Display & Video 360 to place advertisements on YouTube. A practice that had displeased the European antitrust authorities, who opened an investigation in 2021 to determine whether or not Google is engaging in anti-competitive practices, particularly in terms of advertising management.

Google closely watched by the EU in the antitrust field

The investigation aims, among other things, to determine whether Google has given its own services an advantage by limiting the amount of data in the field of online advertising that advertisers and competing advertising platforms can access. This part of the investigation is based in particular on suspicions expressed by Google’s competitors in this area.

Suspicions that the EU takes seriously. It should also be noted that the European Union is not the only one to examine Google’s policy in terms of online advertising. UK and US regulators have also launched similar actions against the firm in recent months.

According to Reuters, Google would agree to open YouTube more widely to competing networks in an attempt to defuse the heavy sanctions that threaten to fall on it. The EU could indeed impose on Alphabet, parent company of Google, a fine of up to 10% of its global turnover, estimated as a reminder at 257 billion dollars in 2021.

Contacted by Engadget, Google has so far contented itself with a rather quiet press release. “We have engaged constructively with the European Commission. We have nothing more to share at this point.“Commented the firm before adding all the same that it is committed to”work with regulators and the wider industry to achieve the best possible results“.

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