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Google’s small camera loses 30% of its price for the end of the sales

A camera can prove to be very useful during this period of the start of a long vacation. To always keep an eye on your home, the Google Nest Cam Indoor is now on sale at 69.99 euros against 99.99 euros usually.

Connected cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on your home while you’re away. They are reassuring solutions to leave with a little lighter spirit, but are sometimes expensive. Today the Google Nest Cam Indoor (wired) becomes more accessible after 30 euros discount. An effective solution to be warned in case of intrusion.

What is the Google Nest Cam?

  • A small, discreet camera designed for indoors
  • Capable of shooting in 1080p and HDR compatible
  • Connects to other Google devices for more functionality

Offered at 99.99 euros, the Google Nest Cam Indoor (wired) is available on sale at 69.99 euros on the Amazon site.

Simple in appearance…

The Google Nest Cam Indoor (wired) benefits from a neat design, and relies on a minimalist appearance with a white coating like Nest products. It can easily be camouflaged in your interior and can be placed on a piece of furniture thanks to its modular foot which will allow you to orient the camera lens according to your convenience. You can also install it on the wall.

Installation will only take a few minutes, just plug it into an outlet and then install the Google Home app. The latter will allow you to have a remote video feedback of what is happening at home, or to be able to alert you in the event of an intrusion.

But effective to monitor your home

This reference displays a correct Full HD definition, both day and night, with a viewing angle of 135° which will make it possible to monitor a wider area. It also supports HDR. Google even offers a 6x zoom to be able to see further more precisely, such as the license plate of a car or the face of an individual.

Thanks to the integration of AI, the camera is also able to detect movements, and to differentiate between people, animals and vehicles, and only sends you relevant alerts in the application to avoid false alarms.

Finally, you should know that the camera fits perfectly into the Google ecosystem and offers to make the Bluetooth gateway with other brand objects. You can even display video feedback on your Nest Hub, or use Google’s voice assistant to show you what’s going on at home.

If you want to know more, you can read our full test on the Google Nest Cam with battery.

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