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GPS: Sygic offers satellite images from Google in addition to its maps

Sygic is an “old-fashioned” GPS, which in particular offers to save its maps locally to work in all conditions, even in white areas. With its latest update, the app also offers satellite images provided by Google, the same images you can see in Google Maps. Unlike conventional maps, these images are not stored locally, but an Internet connection is required to view them.

Traditional maps stored locally (left) or satellite photos (right): you now have the choice.

Google usually charges for access to these images, but Sygic states in its communications that their use is free for all its users. The app is based on a freemium bin model, with an optional subscription for certain features. The display of satellite images is still not linked to this subscription, at least for the moment, since the company is talking about a giveaway within the framework of Black Friday. That may change eventually.

The premium subscription offers several benefits, starting with a more frequent update of local maps: once a month instead of three a year in the free version of the app. It is also required to use the app with CarPlay and Android Auto. Sygic also offers several additional functions, including augmented reality guidance or character identification, all thanks to the camera on your smartphone. The company now powers a self-trained neural network for correct character recognition, while augmented reality instructions are now presented with three-dimensional green arrows.

This premium subscription is normally offered at €25 per year, but Black Friday obliges, Sygic has reduced the price to €16.99 for a year. You can test the offer for seven days before you decide.




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