Green light for the Tesla Gigafactory in Germany

Tesla finally sees the end of the tunnel. At least, regarding its European Gigafactory. After weeks, even months of setbacks and administrative entanglements, the Californian manufacturer received the green light from the authorities of Brandenburg to launch the production of its vehicles.

Initially scheduled to start last summer, the start of Tesla’s European “mega-factory”, located in Grünheide, south of Berlin, was delayed by obtaining the final building permit, finally granted this Friday after a in-depth study by the courts on the environmental impact of the plant on the natural habitat of protected species (lizards and snakes in particular), and on its water management.

Covering 300 hectares, the brand’s first factory of this type in Europe should be able to produce up to 500,000 100% electric vehicles per year, and employ up to 12,000 people. An increase in production volume essential for Tesla, which is currently experiencing delays of 5 to 6 months for deliveries of its Model Y.

At the same time, Tesla plans to open a second factory in China in the near future, in order to double Tesla’s production capacity on the Asian continent.

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