Hack Axie Infinity: Binance finds 5.8 million dollars

End of course – The axie infinity pirates come up against the wall erected by Binance, in their attempt to launder the funds stolen during the hack of the NFT game Axie Infinity. Binance has indeed managed to recover just under 1% of stolen cryptocurrencies. Although this figure seems insignificant at the moment, it shows that hackers will not be able to enjoy the fruit of their theft easily.

Axie Infinity Hack: Binance the new ally

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said announcement in a tweet, the recovery of stolen $5.8 million by the hackers at Axie Infinity.

As a reminder, on March 23, 2022 the North Korean hackers of the Lazarus group had relieved the protocol of $600 million divided into: 173,600 ethers (ETH) and US$25.5 million coin (USDC).

The hackers had managed to obtain five private keys from the validators, including 4 Sky Mavis validators and 1 Axie DAO.

The funds seized by Binance had been spread across 86 accounts on the platform. The exchange, however, did not disclose the names of the owners. Changpeng Zhao recalled that his team has:

“Did this many times for other projects in the past as well.”

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Binance: the new blockchain policeman?

Security firm PeckShield had revealed that the hackers managed to launder 7.5% of their loot, using Tornado Cash. The latter is an Ethereum mixer that anonymizes crypto transactions.

This action by Binance qualifies the accusations that cryptocurrencies are a tool conducive to money laundering. The BitNinja tweet that reacted to Changpeng Zhao’s post thus underlinein a cartoonish way? – that :

“We can track cryptocurrency, but not Fiat. »

Binance had previously backed Axie Infinity following its hack. The scholarship has indeed helped Sky Mavis to raise $150 million to reimburse victims of the hack. For Changpeng Zhao, this support for Axie Infinity was to protect users, projects, and the crypto industry.

Binance demonstrates through these stolen cryptocurrency seizures that it is able to adequately monitor crypto transactions on its platform. The scholarship comes from recruit key people who have previously worked with regulators, to increase this monitoring capacity.

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