Has Bitcoin Island just been discovered?

A BTC pearl – Dušan Matuska had heard of the island of Roatán at the end of 2021, during a conversion with his miner friends from bitcoin (BTC) who wanted to buy plots of land there. Roatán is a neighboring island of El Salvador. Dušan Matuska is a Slovak bitcoin miner. He wants to educate 100 million people in cryptocurrency by 2030. He will also contribute as part of this mission, to make Roatán known to cryptophiles looking for a little bit of bitcoin paradise.

From a beer to an island paradise: journey to Bitcoin paradise

After hearing his miner friends mention the name of Roatán, Dušan Matuska will investigate this islet which, according to him, offers “magnificent views” and which is a “hidden pearl of the Caribbean”. But given its small size, vacationers will start to get bored there “after two weeks of vacation there”.

Dušan Matuska will then initially be interested at an old brewery in Honduras to open a bitcoin education center in the country. However, this project comes up against financial feasibility constraints. Dušan Matuska and his friends will indeed realize after checking the building, that its restoration would cost “perhaps hundreds of thousands of euros”.

At the same time, the Próspera commercial event was taking place on the nearby island of Roatán. Próspera is a special economic zone located on the islet. It has its own civil law, as well as its own regulatory structure. Its laws are inspired by those of the economic zones of Shenzhen in China, and Dubai. Prospera accept bitcoin as legal tender since April 2022.

Roatan, the new bitcoin island?

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Adoption of bitcoin: its legalization is not enough

Dušan Matuska will participate in the Próspera event in early 2022, and speak there. In particular, he will explain the adoption of bitcoin in Honduras:

“You could pay some taxes in bitcoin; businesses were super open to accepting bitcoin, or any other currency, because there is huge freedom across the region”

The miner will also “showcase the potential Honduran Bitcoin Education Center,” which is expected to be located at the brewery. The founder and CEO of Próspera, Erick Brimen, will contact Dušan Matuska after his presentation to take him “to a building located at Roatan’s highest vantage pointin Pristine Bay”.

The infrastructure houses a school. However, the latter “has become too big for the building”, which will then be free in June 2022. This is where Dušan Matuska’s Bitcoin Education Center will finally see the light of day.

This center is now part of the vision of Próspera and its CEO, Erick Brimen. He understood that ” it’s not enough to make it legal to encourage bitcoin adoption. Potential users of cryptocurrency must also have the tools and knowledge required “to use it optimally”.

For Dušan Matuska and his friends involved in his upbringing, this is a golden opportunity – digital – in their ” vision to accelerate bitcoinization “. Próspera asked them “to be the leaders in terms of integrating businesses in Honduras, to help them and to put everything in place”.

The center currently operates with a small team. Czech and Slovak lecturers come here to teach.

As for the brewery, Dušan Matuska had to give up its rehabilitation. He hopes, however, that “a bitcoin-related project will take place there” in the future.

Paradise islands like Próspera play an important role in the development of the crypto ecosystem in general. French cryptophiles can also take advantage of the Polynesian sun and meet big names in the sector, participating in the PICS summit in Tahiti.

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