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He builds his Supercharger himself

Why wait when you can do things directly yourself? This is what a user spotted by the editorial staff of Tesla Magazine decided to do. We take you to see this clever Tesla fan who has all our admiration.

This German has probably created the first home-made Supercharger in history! Or at least from his country… And it seems to work since we see him recharging his electric vehicle in complete peace of mind.

The charger itself is rather well made, with some bolts that are not really aesthetic, but the colors are respected, as well as the brand logo. Full box!

Another Tesla anecdote: Installing your personal network of Superchargers yourself, this man did it!

Andrew Zong, CEO of a Chinese heat pump company, bought 20 ultra-fast charging stations from Tesla Motors to install their own network of terminals themselves. Owner of a Model S in Beijing, Andrew quickly realized that the 2,100 km separating the capital from the Canton region was going to be difficult for him to cover without the appropriate network…

He therefore decided to create his supercharger network and ordered 20 terminals from Tesla! Once its terminals have been delivered, he asked for the help of volunteers through Chinese social networks for the installation of its tailor-made network. And that’s the job: a satisfied user, and one more network for Tesla, without moving a finger!

Credit: alex avoigt


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