He loses control, his Tesla almost ended up in the ocean

This motorist came close to ending up in the Pacific Ocean! A few days ago, Orange County law enforcement had to respond to a very unusual incident.

A Tesla Model 3 got stuck on a rocky pier at the water’s edge. And if the police necessarily had to believe in a drunk driver, they quickly learned that it was not the true version. No, the driver crashed alone on these pebbles. But the excessive drinking had nothing to do with it.

He simply took the wrong pedal when parking. For his feet, the accelerator has become the brake. So of course it does damage…

Because yes, even if the Tesla did not really end up in the water, we still assume that the underside of the sedan did not really appreciate its passage over such large rocks.

Far from being the only

But that the driver of this Tesla Model 3 does not feel alone, according to the data available in the United States, each year, 16,000 accidents are recorded for errors of the same type. It would be a question of concentrating a little…

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