He pays in Bitcoin to repair his Lambo – His mechanic loves it

BTC Mechanic – 1 Bitcoin (BTC)) still does not allow to buy an Italian luxury car. However, cryptocurrency helps out this Lamborghini owner more than once.

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Payment in Bitcoin against the background of the roar of a Lamborghini

JayFab, manager of an auto repair shop in Kansas City, has received his first bitcoin paymentfor the repair of a Lamborghini:

“I worked on a Lamborghini Aventador today and got paid in crypto. »

JayFab on Reddit

He billed the titanium exhaust system repair at $8,500. Like the owner of the Lamborghini didn’t have a fiat on him, he then asked the mechanic to give him the address of his BTC wallet. JayFab accepted the proposal.

This payment was the “first legitimate transaction” in cryptocurrencies for the entrepreneur, although he dipped into the sector in 2016:

“In 2016, I got deeply invested in the crypto industry to learn more, understand the technology and maybe get a second chance in the future. »

The crypto mechanic also sells on BTC marketplace Bitify, his “exotic works” and “cryptocurrency-themed furniture and items.”

The BTC community at the interview

Some redditors, who reacted to JayFab’s post, asked him about the tax implications of such a transaction:

” Nice ! If you are in the US, how did it go with the payment? Did he pay you 35% more than you requested to offset your future short-term capital gains tax bill? »

Gaberham on Reddit

The redditor HDmac offered to help the mechanic if he wants to accept future payments in Bitcoin via the Lightning network:

“I assume the payment was on-chain? If you need help setting up Lightning to accept BTC instantly at no cost, let me know. »

Luxury car and cryptocurrency fans will probably be interested in the incredible story of an artist who made explode in the literal sense of the word, a Lamborghini to sell it as NFT.

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