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Here’s how much Tesla Plaids cost

Almost a year after the first copies of Tesla Model S and X Plaid were delivered to the United States, these electric monsters are finally arriving in Europe! Unsurprisingly, these versions are not given… The Model S trades from €139,990 while the Model X SUV is displayed at €143,990!

Electric rockets!

Thanks to its 3 motors, the Model S Plaid goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 s! Foot to the floor, it reaches 322 km/h! By keeping it “lighter”, it is possible to travel up to 600 km per charge. Larger and heavier, the Model X Plaid requires 2.6 s to reach 100 km/h and stops its stride at 262 km/h. Its range is 528 km per charge.

The Yoke has arrived

Tesla is also taking advantage of the arrival of these Plaids to give both models a facelift. As a reminder, the exterior evolves subtly, but the interior differs greatly from the previous generation. Yes, the famous “Yoke” will also make its arrival on the Old Continent!

plead first

The first European owners will receive their copy before the end of the year. Note that currently, the Plaid are the only Model S and X available on the brand’s website. Another version with “only” two electric motors will be available again next year. Less powerful, it should however display a greater autonomy.

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