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Here’s the list of PCs and Macs you can resurrect with Chrome OS Flex

In 2020, as demand exploded in the computer market, Google acquired Neverware. It has developed a solution to recover computers that would normally be obsolete, in order to transform them into Chromebooks, thanks to the Chromium project, which is the open source version of Chrome OS.

Google integrated Neverware’s solution into its offer and at the beginning of the year, the Mountain View company launched Chrome OS Flex, a new operating system that can be installed on old machines, in order to give a second life to these.

And after the beta debut of Chrome OS Flex in February, Google has just announced the deployment of this solution. The firm promises a light, fluid, modern and reliable operating system that will not slow down over time. In addition, Chrome OS Flex also allows you to have a security guarantee, since Google will provide regular updates.

For companies, Chrome OS Flex will be easy to deploy (via USB key or over the network). And at the same time, Google highlights the ecological impact of using this operating system.

“Upgrading devices to ChromeOS Flex rather than completely replacing them is an effective way to reduce waste and prevent this growing problem”, explains Google. In addition, according to it, a machine under Chrome OS Flex would consume on average 19% less energy compared to other computers.

Google publishes a list including hundreds of models

Regarding compatibility, Google has already tested a significant number of machines. And the company publishes a list of these devices: hundreds of models from brands such as ASUS, Dell, ACER, HP and TOSHIBA.

Google has not forgotten Apple customers since this list also includes Macs:

  • Apple iMac 11.2
  • Apple iMac 12.1
  • Apple Mac Mini 7.1
  • Apple Macbook 7.1
  • Apple Macbook Air 5.1
  • Apple MacBook Air 6.1
  • Apple Macbook Air 7.2
  • Apple Macbook Pro 9.2
  • Apple Macbook Pro 11.2

The list includes quite a few very old machines (some were released in 2010). And if Google certifies the proper functioning of Chrome OS Flex on the majority of the models listed, it reports some slight malfunctions on some. The only downside is that some machines will stop being supported by Chrome OS Flex as early as 2024.

In any case, the idea is that instead of throwing away or putting away your old computer, or using it with an outdated operating system, you can now install Chrome OS Flex on it.

“To make sure ChromeOS Flex is ready to go right out of the box, we test and certify a wide range of models to make sure they deliver a consistent, high-quality experience. So whether you’re teaching a class of students eager to learn, ordering ice cream from a self-service kiosk, or accessing a virtualized environment from the beach, ChromeOS Flex won’t slow down, won’t give you headaches or surprise you with a blue screen of death”writes the Mountain View company.



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