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Here’s why Ethereum (ETH) is surging!

After months of decline, the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) has seen a sharp rise for several days. Indeed, in just 7 days the second blockchain on the market has gone from around 1100 euros to around 1450 euros at the time of writing this article.

But then why has the Ethereum blockchain undergone a sharp rise in recent days, when its market cap has been more or less frozen for a few weeks? Let’s see together what could have shaken up its course!

Why has Ethereum (ETH) surged in recent days?

This sharp increase took place while the long-awaited Ethereum blockchain transition from proof of work to proof of stake is fast approaching. Indeed, the September 19 is now the official date that all holders or users of this blockchain are looking forward to. Here is what Martin Hiesboeck recently announced in an email to

“The Ethereum developers have released a timeline for La Fusion that seems more believable than anything we’ve seen so far, namely several steps leading up to the week of September 19. We remain skeptical, and if global markets don’t improve, the launch could be pushed back even further. »

Chris Burniske explained: “even though the market has been too bearish for a while to fall moreit does not mean that the market is out of the woods.”

We will follow this increase closely and its evolution over the next few days. To be seen if the curve will continue its ascent until the date long awaited by the second blockchain users of the crypto market.

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