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How a server outage grounded thousands of Teslas

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A failure on Tesla’s servers prevented Tesla owners from opening and starting their cars for several hours.

When tech giants falter, nothing goes. While a global blackout hit the Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp networks at the beginning of October, Tesla experienced a similar situation this Friday, November 19. On Twitter, several users reported “500 errors” preventing them from opening and starting their car.

A giant failure corroborated by the site The latter reported a sharp rise in reports referring to bugs on the app. In question: a connection problem with the smartphone application, used as a “key” by many owners of the brand.

The DownDetector site confirms the failure observed on the Tesla network

Elon Musk apologizes

Questioned on Twitter by a Korean user, Elon Musk reacted quickly. ” It should come back online now,” he replied after several hours of investigation, reporting a problem related to traffic on the network. ” Our apologies, we will take steps to ensure this does not happen again. “, he added.



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