How could this Tesla blow up a private jet by itself?

If this Tesla crashed into a private jet at an airport, it may have been because of its automatic parking feature.

This totally surreal sequence was filmed by a video surveillance camera at an airport. It shows a space occupied by a private jet, a Cirrus Vision Jet which costs several million euros. A Tesla Model Y sits a few feet from the device and moves at low speed.

And after a few seconds, the American electric SUV crashes into the private jet. Not only does he find himself against the plane, but he continues to accelerate after the impact and takes it with him! According to the person who uploaded the video, the Tesla in question had activated its Smart Summon function, this mode allowing the car to move on its own in parking lots.

A bug ?

If so, the function would have ignored the presence of the private jet. And now, let’s try to imagine the consequences of such a shock for the private jet…

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