How did this Tesla end up in a private jet?

Since 2019, Tesla has offered a feature so that its customers can easily get their car out of their garage. Just pull out your smartphone and watch the car itself recognize the environment around it, then wait patiently for it to join you in the driveway. The system is known as “Smart Summon”.

In three years, his setbacks are even more numerous than the stories around the Autopilot mode, where drivers fall asleep in their car. Recently, a video posted on Reddit from a surveillance camera went viral as a Model Y owner happened to crash a multimillion-dollar private jet.

The video quite distinctly shows a model of Cirrus Vision Jet, a 9.4 meter long private jet on the tarmac at Spokane City Airport in the United States. On the right, a white Model Y then tumbles, which turns out to be in “Smart Summon” mode. The sequel is not a pleasure to see… At 1600 kilos, the jet is not as heavy as an airliner enough to allow the Tesla to rotate it.

“I was at a Cirrus event and someone tried to run their Tesla past a $3,500,000 Vision jet…..”wrote the author of the post on the r/flying forum of Reddit.

The owner’s fault

Whether in the United States or in Europe, the “Smart Summon” mode engages the responsibility of the owner of the Tesla as the brand assumes that the driver is always in control of the vehicle. And with good reason, to a certain extent: to be able to move forward, the Model Y present in the video needed its driver to continue pressing a button present on the application.

“Smart Summon” stops working instantly if the driver stops pressing the button provided for this purpose. Conversely, to be able to operate, it is necessary to keep your finger pressed. So it would appear that the Model Y owner in the video didn’t watch the vehicle maneuver and didn’t realize his car was hurtling straight into the plane.

But then, how could a car armed with cameras not distinguish the presence of an obstacle, as big as a plane? In view of the many accounts of incidents involving obstacles, it would seem that the Teslas have difficulty understanding what vehicles raised off the ground such as airplanes or like tractor-trailers correspond to.

A point that has been lacking for many months and that Tesla should correct if it does not want to continue to have so many bad ads. Busy with his takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk never reacted to the video.

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