How do you delete the data Google collects about you?

On all the pages we visit, Google collects personal data which can subsequently be used. But it is possible to remove them through a simple manipulation.

Google has revolutionized the daily life of Internet users. If the search engine is the first thing that comes to mind, the company has created other popular services such as Gmail messaging or Google Drive. He is also responsible for the Play Store available on all Android mobile devices, as well as owner of YouTube even if he did not invent it. This causes millions of people to use Google every day, sometimes unknowingly. But that makes Google also know a lot about its users. Every document created or uploaded to a service, every action performed, or every request made through the Google Home voice assistant is retained and used. However, many users today want to preserve their personal data.

Control your activities and set your preferences

During 2019, Google implemented a new option accessible to all users via their Google Chrome account or browser. This option is called “Data and privacy”. It brings together all kinds of information relating to the user such as his YouTube history, his browsing history or the different places where he has been geolocated. Each data is associated with a recording function which, by default, is activated. This detail is indicated by a blue button. To deactivate it and thus avoid collecting personal data, all you need to do is click and the button will turn gray. This allows you not to save your preferences and not to have targeted recommendations. However, there is another trick to avoid data collection.

Delete activity related to certain services

It is perfectly possible to permanently delete your monitored personal data. To do this, you must go to your Google account and click on the “My activity” section. In it there is a “Delete” button which allows you to erase the entire history over a determined period. You have the choice between the last hour, the past day or a custom period. Be careful though, as this will erase your browsing history and disconnect you from your various online accounts. Finally, you should know that purely personal data such as documents stored in the Drive, Gmail messages or the content of Google Photos are never used for advertising purposes.

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