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how does the Tesla “dog mode” work?

The American brand offers a unique feature: a dog mode to keep your companion cool in case of heat.

Sometimes Twitter is good. In 2018, a user of the social network had arrested Elon Musk, whimsical boss of the car brand Tesla.

“Could you install a dog mode on the Model 3? The music would continue to play and the air conditioning would be turned on. On the central screen, we could display a message: “I’m fine, my master will be back soon” – @nynex

Response from Elon Musk: “yes! “.

Available since February 2019 on the Tesla Model 3, this device does exactly what the Internet user asked for. The car keeps the cabin at a bearable temperatureavoiding heat-related dramas.

Once the owner is out, it displays a message assuring passers-by that the animal is safe.

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The mode activates via the central screen when the car is parked (parking brake engaged). Warning: it is necessary to have a charge level greater than 20% to activate the device. Similarly, it automatically cuts off if the battery drops below 10%. The driver then receives an alert on his phone.

Vigilance therefore remains in order.

Photo: Fabrice Bolusset

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