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how French fans take care of the image of the brand – Liberation

Accident in Paris, investigation into the “Autopilot” of its vehicles or complaints of harassment… Whatever happens, Tesla never flinches. Because she can count on a community of fans who defend her at all costs.

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The Tesla online community is made up of thousands of owners of its electric vehicle who rise up on social networks at the slightest controversy involving the manufacturer. To the point that it ends up becoming free labor working daily to defend the brand image of Elon Musk’s firm. Its members advise new buyers, extol the merits of the electric car, some have even gone so far as to produce free advertisements for the various Tesla models. This community, which is reminiscent of the Apple fans of the great era of the Apple brand, allows Tesla to have a com budget of an amount of… zero euros.

Our journalist, Elise Viniacourt, analyzed this particular tribe of consumers.




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