How Spotlight and Safari Bypass Google

Thanks to framework App Intents, which completes the atomization of applications for automation purposes with Shortcuts, Spotlight becomes a launcher capable of triggering “quick actions”. In a more subtle, but more fundamental way, Spotlight gives increasing importance to results from the web at the same time as Safari gives an increasing role to results from applications. Casually, Apple is working to bypass Google’s search engine.

Image MacGeneration.

Safari, the results also come from applications

Each year, Google pays between 10 and 15 billion euros to remain the default search engine in Safari. While this sum represents about 20% of the turnover of Apple’s services activity, in pure profit, Google’s results are more and more often repelled by “Safari suggestions” and “Siri knowledge”.

“Siri insights” relate to specific terms, including personalities and locations, and refer to generic sites, such as Twitter or Wikipedia. “Safari suggestions” are more subversive, because they can include any address saved in your bookmarks or in your history, but also by the AppleBot web crawler.


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